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ScentAir was created in 1994 by a Walt Disney imagineer using scent to enhance the theme park experience.

Our patented systems help enhance environments, communicate brands and create memorable experiences. But it’s not about just adding scent to your environment. It’s about adding the right scent, at the right time and place, that is consistent with the sights, sounds and textures of your business. We give our clients the tools to sculpt their own unique environment, completing their customers’ experience by engaging memory and emotions through the sense of smell. Our scents and systems can be customized to reflect and complement any brand or environment.

Now ScentAir is the market leader of in-store scent solutions for brands and retailers. ScentAir has installed in 109 countries over thousands of scent systems around the world. Our wide variety of systems offer clients the flexibility to fully customize their scent experience based on their specific needs. ScentAir registered as the member of International Fragrance Association (IFRA) which obligates to follow safety fragrance standards.

ScentAir ‘s management, operations, sales and product development teams have continued to grow and evolve. Strategic supply, sales and distribution partnerships around the world ensure the company’s continued status as scent marketing’s pioneer and industry leader.